ASI Safety Pole Pads is the original safety pole pad manufacturer. When it comes to safety do not accept imitations!

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Custom Orders to Protect Children and Vehicles are Welcomed and Shipped Quickly!

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Collisions between metal poles and little children don't have to end in tears anymore!

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Playground and gym safety are paramount during activity and play times. We can offer you some additional peace of mind and protect those children in your care for years with our safety pole pads. These lightweight, yet durable, weather-resistant accessories for your play equipment or shade structures are must-have items. We offer both standard-size safety pole pads, as well as custom sizes, to fit just about any steel, wooden or concrete post in any play area.

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ASI Safety Pole Pads are tough but gentle! They are abrasion resistant, impervious to the weather, will not rot or mildew, and are resistant to UV rays. Our pads are easy to install and will provide years of protection from bumps and bruises. No more chipped teeth!

ASI Safety Pole Pads accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Discover. Once we receive your order, you will receive a confirmation of it and we can ship within 2-4 weeks directly to your day care center, school, recreation center or your home via UPS. We also can take purchase orders from qualified buyers. Call us today with any questions or click here to email us.