Do I need the 4 ft. or the 6 ft. pole pad?

The 6 foot pole pad is recommended for most applications since many of the outdoor playground and shade structures are used for children of all ages and sizes.

For Day Care centers and toddler playgrounds that will be used exclusively for children in pre-school and kindergarten, the 4 foot pole pad is a good choice.

Sometimes, a metal pole will have a feature attached to it - such as a slide, climbing ladder, or crossbars - that would make our 6' pole pad impractical.

Since we manufacturer our safety pole pads right here in the USA, we can answer any questions you may have while placing your order, please call or email us. We also make some custom sizes. Please call us for more information on custom sizes or colors at (214) 755-2934.

How do I know what size to order for my safety pole pads?

The most accurate way to measure for safety pole pads is with a cloth measuring tape or a piece of string. Wrap the measuring tape or string around the pole, pull it snug, and then mark your measurement with a pen or pencil. Place the string on a ruler or measuring tape and that is your circumference measurement. Compare your measurement with the table below to find out which size pole pad is best for you. It's always a good idea to measure twice and cut once!

ROUND Post Outside Diameter

(for all lengths of pole pads)

Post Circumference Measurement



7-7/8” (7.875”)


9-1/2” (9.5”)


12-1/2” (12.5”)


15-3/4” (15.75”)


18-7/8” (18.875”)




25-1/8” (25.125”)

SQUARE Post Dimensions

(for all lengths of pole pads)


Post Perimeter Measurement

3” wide-one side


4” wide-one side


5” wide-one side


6” wide-one side


7” wide-one side


8” wide-one side


*The velcro edges on your safety pole pads allow the pole pad to adjust to a size that is either slightly smaller or slightly larger.
*These safety pole pads can be used on any steel, concrete, aluminum or wood poles with the dimensions above. Of course custom sizes can be made in addition to these standard sizes.


What materials are used to make your pole pads?

ASI Safety Pole Pads are designed and manufactured right here in America's heartland.  Our safety pole pads are made with a high quality 1" thick foam padding, a durable all-weather polymer fabric (WeatherMAX) and sewn together with bonded polyester thread. Both our fabric and thread are resistant to UV exposure, microorganisms, rot and mildew

ASI Safety Pole Pads are removable and reusable. High quality, durable Velcro is sewn the full length of each pad allowing for some adjustment, as well as making our pole pads very easy to install and uninstall. Our safety pole pads are tough but forgiving if a child and pole collide.

Click here to see our standard sizes or to order pole pads online. We can also make custom sizes and other colors are available.

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