Why Pole Pads?

Why Pole Pads?

Why do you need ASI Safety Pole Pads?

Safety.  That's really the MAIN reason.  Children are known for energy, exuberance, and enthusiasm - not so much for their common sense! They depend on us adults to anticipate the most likely danger and protect them against it. Our Safety Pole Pads can offer you peace of mind during activity time.

Dental,_Anniston,_ALCollisions happen all the time on the playground, and some of them end in tears. When the collision happens between a metal pole and a child, the pole always wins unfortunately. Tears, broken teeth, severe bruising, or even head injuries and bone fractures can be avoided by using our ASI Safety Pole Pads. 

ASI Safety Pole Pads provide a protective barrier between the child and the steel, concrete, or wooden pole. We (as parents/adults) are unable to help the child win in any Pole vs. Child encounter - the pole will always win - but we can certainly help minimize the child's potential pain! ASI Safety Pole Pads give real and serious protection against pole collision injuries. ASI playground and gym pole pads can help you keep the children in your care from accidental injuries.

We offer quality safety pole pads in a variety of colors and sizes - click here to see. We also provide custom sizes.  Call us at (214) 755-2934 or click here to email us.